Sunday, May 13, 2007

An anonymous philisophical plagiarism

When I was doing a degree in philosophy we had to write an essay on transcendental deduction and space. Kant is pretty tough going and one of my friends was really struggling. She met a philosophy lecturer from America in a social situation and explained her plight. He emailed her an essay he had written about transcendental deduction and time, thinking it might help her. Seeing a way out and the deadline looming she just replaced the word "time" for "space" and handed it in. I'm not sure it made much sense but she got a D+.

A plagiarised stoat

This is the first picture I ever remember copying. I think I was about 9 and I did it out of a book, I think by David Bellamy, about British wildlife. My mum has it on a wall at her house. Over time it seems to have slipped everyone's mind that I copied it and I've heard my mother using it as an example of my childhood genius. I can't be bothered to correct her.


Monday, May 7, 2007

I hated geography

I hated Geography. I think in year 8 we were sitting an exam that i had no clue about. I was sitting next to Susie Greenway who knew lots about geography and I knew wouldn't mind me looking at her answers. Unfortunately I must have been very obvious as the teacher, short, bearded and grumpy, came over and told me to stop cheating, loudly. I was so embarressed at being caught I promptly burst into tears and had to sit snivelling in the silent classroom. I failed the exam.


Always copy the right person

Sarah (Leader) told me a lovely story. A friend of hers always use to copy her science homework. However Sarah said she got a lot of the questions wrong and therefore so did her friend. She never understood why she always wanted to copy her.


When i was studying for my art G.C.S.E. I could draw quite well from observation but I had no imagination. So i copied illustrations of dragons out of a book "the flight of dragons" illustrated by Peter Dickinson. (I still have the book). I painstakingly copied them and everybody was impressed. I lied to my very lovely art teacher and told her they were all my own design. My mother still has one of them framed on the wall. I still feel guilty about lying to Mrs Drew.